Why Dealers Struggle With Website Maintenance

Part 3 Of 3: Website Maintenance

Keeping your website updated is important but time consuming. Unlike the old days, website development is not a “one and done” deal. Websites, like alarm panels, need software updates to continue running smoothly, and error free.

Even if you’re not using the website to generate leads, you still need to consider software updates, website hosting, and finally…website maintenance. Updates to plugins and themes usually require manual updates once you’ve logged into your website dashboard. If you own multiple websites, running updates is even more time-consuming because you have to log in to each site. Running updates is often an overlooked task. Updates need to be performed as soon as updates are released, but you may not get notified when newer versions are released.

Your website maintenance impacts your website’s security. As mentioned in a previous article, keeping your website site updated – particularly with WordPress – has a big impact on the security of your site.

Running the latest version of WordPress core, as well as your plugins and themes, means your site is not at risk of known security vulnerabilities.

What You Can Do

The DIY approach: Learn the basics of updating your website on your own. Obviously, this is a time consuming task but it can be done. Once or twice per month, login to your website admin panel and check for new core or plugin software updates and apply them (after taking a backup of course!) Turn on any email notifications in your website dashboard to alert you of critical software patches that need to be applied right away. Hopefully, this doesn’t happen during an important installation.

Hire a CIO: A very expensive option and usually cost prohibitive  for smaller operations, when you consider salary and other compensation.

Hire a trusted web agency: By far the most cost effective for small and large operations. Most web firms will charge a flat monthly fee for website updates, backups and installing security protocols. Hourly fees run anywhere from $50/hr to $125/hr on the high end. Most web agencies fall somewhere in the middle. When you consider the time lost from your business for performing these tasks yourself, and the high cost of hiring an IT person – the choice to hire a web firm becomes obvious.

So Where Would You Find Such A Reliable, Trusted Web Firm?

Website developers can be found everywhere in your local community. Even though they are local, most web developers will not come to your office, and prefer to do business over email and the phone – especially for as-needed, small projects. Don’t take this personally – it’s like doing a truck roll to change a smoke detector.

If regular, in-person office visits are important to you then try to find a web developer from your local chamber of commerce. Look for an individual or small firm with good references, who will take the time to understand your security business, and can even possibly help you with adding new pages to the website as your business grows and products change. As always, if you have questions or need help, feel free to get in touch with Ignite RMR: (877) 655-3779 or Contact Us via our web form.