How Integrators Can Identify Hot Prospects & Close Sales Faster

For integrators who rely on sales of gross margin projects, staying top-of-mind with decisions makers can more than a little challenging. It’s difficult to tell when these prospects are engaged and when they are ready to buy. Often, this can lead to frustrating sales meetings, or worse – lost opportunities. 

Fortunately, Ignite RMR is one of the few security marketing companies in the nation who can offer a solution: Lead Scoring.

A good lead scoring model can help you prioritize leads by:

  1. how likely they are to purchase,
  2. purchase size, and
  3. purchase timeframe

… so your sales team is always focused on the hottest, biggest prospects. This works well for both residential and commercial sales teams.

You can also use a lead scoring system to:

Identify and target leads that need nurturing — Lower scoring leads may need additional nurturing to increase their interest and engagement. With our marketing automation, you can segment your leads with a range of scores and drop them into nurturing campaigns built specifically to develop them into sales-ready leads.

Test assumptions about your target market and sales process — How well do you understand the characteristics of your customers and the pattern of behavior that leads to a purchase? You can think of your lead scoring as a predictive model and continue to refine and improve it over time. If it’s accurate, you can use the leads in your pipeline to forecast your revenue.

Identify your “raving fans” and “net promoters” — Lead scoring tools can be used to track the engagement of your customers over time, so you identify extremely satisfied, highly-engaged fans of your alarm company. These customers are often ready to recommend you when the opportunity presents itself, and you can encourage that with automated campaigns. These champions of your company deserve a little special treatment.

Standardize how leads are discussed and evaluated — By giving marketing and sales a common language for discussing the quality and quantity of leads, they’ll naturally align themselves. Marketing will have a numerical value of how important each lead factor is, and they can alter their inbound marketing to target specific factors to generate more leads that match specific criteria.

Further refine your marketing messages — You may find that your best leads respond to slightly different marketing. By segmenting those contacts that are the best match for your business, you can test different approaches that might not work for less interested leads. You may be able to contact these leads more often or be more aggressive with your calls to action.

Ignite RMR now supports lead scoring on our Dealer Marketing Premium plan. Lead scoring solves an important problem… it keeps your security sales team focused on only your best opportunities, so they aren’t wasting time on dead end leads. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.