There are two powerful things that security dealers need to know about their strongest potential customer base. Your potential customers for security systems are event driven. So at this very moment most of them are completely oblivious of their security needs. Secondly, those potential customers do not know your name (yet).

If those customers do not know their need and do not know to search for you, how will they find you and be converted? That is a serious question.

The buyer’s journey has changed, and unless your marketing strategy adapts to meet the potential customer where they are at this very moment in the journey using a strong and consistent inbound marketing strategy, they will remain only potential customers.

Understanding the buyer’s journey is a marketing imperative, and Ignite wants to give you the upper hand with this insider’s guide to the buyer’s journey.

Understanding The Stages Buyer’s Journey


The point at which the buyer becomes aware that they have a problem that needs solving. The buyer engages content editorial and educational content such as blogs, eBooks, eGuides, and research reports to gain information.


The buyer has a clearly defined idea of the problem, and is committed to researching the need and discovering all of the options in solving that problem. At this point, the buyer turns to comparison papers and expert guides to research and compare product offerings.


Once the buyer has defined their problem and a method to solve the problem, the buyer researches documentation, data, and endorsements to support their decision. During this phase the buyer engages vendor and product comparisons, case studies, and product literature to push them to the final decision.

Today consumers do most of their own research and that research is done online. This makes your content offerings critical in helping the buyer through the journey and ultimately to conversion. Consider these statistics about how consumers engage content to support the decision making process:

  • Consumers are 5x more dependent on content in the buying process than they were just five years ago. (Nielsen)
  • 70% to 90% of the buyer journey is complete before ever engaging a vendor. (Forrester)
  • Consumers engage 11.4 forms of content before making a final decision. (Forrester)

Your content is not just important in the buyer journey; it’s critical. For help in developing a custom marketing plan around your buyers journey, contact Ignite RMR today: (877) 655-3779.

Press releases have always been one of the most powerful but highly undervalued tools in the marketing tool kit. However, a recent change in Google’s algorithm has just given them even more value, and the results can be profound.

Now, Google includes news releases among the authorized sources used to gather its “In the News” search results. Previously, only links to stories on approved sites such as newspapers and television stations appeared in this section. This will allow companies’ own statements to appear ahead of searches.

The goal, according to Google, is to get people the right answer as quickly as possible, whether the information comes from a large recognized publisher or smaller niche publisher.

This means that even a small business can earn top ranking in searches focusing on specific topics with well-optimized press releases, receiving the same powerful exposure that drives traffic.

While the press releases has always been a very powerful tool when optimized and released online, the new algorithm gives them renewed prominence, and a direct pathway to consumers.  Press Releases are not just for the big guys any more. They are for any business with a story and authoritative information to share.

Why Should Security Dealers Consider Regular Press Release Distribution?

One of the most effective business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing tools for large companies has always been the press release, but its power has largely been dismissed by medium and small companies that believe their press releases would be overshadowed by those of major corporations.  Now, the value is universal and should not be dismissed.

  • Being included “In the News” lends credibility to your company
  • Press releases establish you as a leader in the industry
  • Customers respond positively to companies whose links and information is found offsite
  • A well-optimized release boosts your SEO
  • Helps establish your brand
  • Regular press releases help consumers see you as a reputable and authoritative source
  • Places you ahead of companies unaware of Goggle’s change

Strategy is everything in marketing. For help in developing a digital marketing plan that will place you ahead of the pack, contact Ignite RMR today: (877) 655-3779.