5 Ways Security Dealers Can Save Money On Business Travel

With the new year around the corner, many alarm company execs are gearing up for travel in 2017. Whether they’re traveling to major trade shows like ISC, ESX or to branch offices for sales training, chances are the C-Level will want to get the best bang for their corporate buck. When it comes to business-travel though, many security companies tend to overlook the planning phase or leave decisions up to their employees, who may or may not have enough travel experience to make sound judgment.

According to reports, compaines spend nearly $112 billion per year in domestic travel. Meanwhile, their employees incur almost $1,000 worth of expenses on travel items and services. With this much money on the line, it is only wise to educate your employees and provide them with the tools needed to make savvy decisions.

Utilize Templates

Getting started is often the hard part when trying to construct your own business travel policy. Fortunately, there are various templates available online that are free to use. These templates can be used as a reference to start creating your own corporate policy when it comes to business travel. Your template can start off with details of the process which employees must follow to get approved.

Assign a Savvy Trip Manager

Companies with limited finances may find it difficult to hire a full-time travel manager who can ensure effective oversight of business-travel plans. Take advantage of freelancing portals that bridge employers with the manpower they need at a more economical price. Outsourcing your need for business-travel management to websites like Upwork can yield savings while giving you access to a broader range of talent from around the world.

Conduct Some Research

Housing your employees in 5-star hotel chains may seem like a good move as a manager or employer. However, the costs of staying at a hotel, such as room service or WiFi, can get out of hand very quickly. Doing some research regarding affordable business-travel lodging will bring you towards the doors of the hot startup, Airbnb. The rooms and houses you can find in Airbnb’s large listing are more affordable. Although, the trade-off is, sometimes you’ll be stuck in an apartment or house that has weak and unreliable WiFi.

Simplify the Process

Booking flights, lodging, and transportation through various service providers can be a more economical option, yet tends to be a stressful process due to the handful of things that need managing. Use travel apps like Concur to streamline all activities involved, from booking flights to getting your employees to wherever they need to go. These apps automate tracking of business-travel expenditures and allows you to save receipts and spreadsheets through an intuitive software platform.

Maximize Your Money’s Value

Capitalize on programs that accrue reward points every time you or your employees travel. Companies are often given special offers for frequently flying with a certain airline or staying at a specific hotel. These points should accumulate fairly quickly if you and your employees travel regularly. Take the time to compare different rewards programs and carefully read the fine print to get the best deal for your money.

Having a sound travel policy in place can protect your business from costly travel expenses while simultaneously streamlining the stressful process of traditional business, which ultimately increase your workforce’s efficiency and productivity.

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