3 Reasons Your Alarm Website Is Failing You

There’s no avoiding the reality that you must have an operable website to succeed in small business – so if you have one, why are you still failing to get customers online? Check the top three reasons a website may fail, and consider whether any of them apply to you:

1.- Your website is outdated.

Does the design look like something from the early days of the Internet: weird graphics, generic and irrelevant photos, colors that just don’t make sense? You can offer a great product, but no one will care about it if they are turned off by your unsightly web design. Hire a web design firm that specializes in the industry to do a redesign of your site; it can make a huge difference in the way consumers perceive you.

2.- You make it impossible for anyone to contact you.

You can still have a Contact Us page, but if your phone number is not displayed prominently at the top of all the other pages too, then no one is going to bother trying to find it. Don’t send a message that you don’t care if anyone finds you; place your phone number in a 12 or 14 pixel font at the top right corner of each page. And, speaking of getting found: Google has made it clear that by as early as 2013, the majority of users will perform more mobile searches than desktop searches. That means it’s time to start thinking about developing a new responsive website.

3.- You don’t take your website seriously.

Don’t worry; you’re not alone. This is a problem that many small business owners have. They don’t care about their web traffic, and therefore they don’t know how anyone finds their site. But if you sign up for a free Google Analytics account, it can show you how many people are visiting your site, when they visited and how they found you. This can help you make better decisions for your website going forward – decisions related to website content, search engine optimization and social media marketing strategy.

Take the time to carefully analyze your website and determine whether any of these apply. Then, the next step is to take those concerns to a qualified web design/web marketing firm. If the site needs a total overhaul, hiring a professional to do the job for you is definitely the way to go.

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